The Best Thing to Do

By October, it was becoming clear to me, though I couched it in a sea of maybes, that if we want to build connections and be a part of communities we care about, if life is fleeting and we don’t really know how long we have, if these battles are critical now—and they are—then maybe it’s foolish to think that in my overall life trajectory I would still prefer to have moved away and then come back, when I have no control over the distant future and only some control of what’s coming next. So maybe, maybe the best thing is to finally do the things we want to do right now, live somewhere in our lifelong home state, which has so much going for it and yet so many profit-hungry Republicans stacked against it, to work to make the place above all other places in our lives a better place, see our best friends on the weekends and help out our parents and hopefully be part of the city we have watched and cared for and had so many beautiful memories in already.

Maybe that’s the best thing to do.

* * *

That’s how I ended my post, “Home Again,” where I talked about coming home to Ann Arbor after a long trip, and how soon, I would say goodbye to that city I had lived in for the past decade. The post ended up being more about leaving than returning. On the other hand, I ended by saying that I wanted to stay in this state. I wrote about how over the years we had hoped for the sliver of a chance of a job for Cooper in Detroit, so that we could, in a way, move home again. (Both of us grew up just a few blocks outside Detroit city limits.) That was the ideal next step, for both of us.

In the end, there were no hard choices for us to make. We were insanely fortunate. We didn’t have to choose between a job and our families, and I can still vote in Michigan next year, for regional transit* and independent redistricting and a Democrat for governor, and visit Lake Michigan on the weekends. Cooper had one job offer, for a job we had hoped for years would open up at the right time, and he accepted. We moved to Detroit in July.

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